Provence reading list

If you’re like us and your love of travel and exploring new places is surpassed only by your love of reading, especially about the places you’re travelling to, then this is for you. Even if you’re not able to travel as often as you like, books can take you there.

There are literally thousands of books about Provence: guide books, armchair travel companions, historic overviews, culture, food, wine … not to mention the novels and “expat” stories set in Provence. Some are simply marvellous (thanks, Peter Mayle for making it an impossible act to follow) and some are enjoyable because of their setting or the way they capture French life. 

So where does one start? Well, we’ve read lots of them, and to help you immerse yourself in the culture, scenery, etiquette, history, cuisine and ambience of Provence – either before you arrive or to enjoy while you’re here – we’ve chosen some of our favourites, curated into the lists below. (Each appears once.) 

Please let us know if you think we’ve left any must-read titles off the list

Note: We don’t have any affiliate link to this content, nor will we receive any commission on sales – this is just a list of our favourites! 

Peter Mayle

Cooking & Culture

Guidebooks & History

Art, Decor & Landscape

Memoirs, Biographies & Travelogues


Fiction set in Provence

Fiction set in France